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Our Story

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for visiting!

My name is Tammy Olson and I am owner/operator/trainer/poop picker upper at Herman's Hangout. I spent my adult life working in the offices of corporate America. One day, I decided I was going to open a dog day care. I packed up my desk, cashed in my retirement, opened Herman's Hangout and have not looked back since.

The more time I spent with the dogs in my daycare, the more I learned from them. I began to understand how they communicate, their use of presence and pressure in random conversations. It was then I decided I had to work with dogs, added my Hunt or Behave program and ended dog daycare. My goal is to help people actually communicate with their dogs in a language the dog will understand. It is incredible the bond that is created when a dog truly feels understood.


Hunt or Behave

From working to companion dog, UNDERSTANDING is the key.

We as humans like to think we understand our dog's thoughts but their behavior tells us a different story. We can try to communicate, but if the dog and the human do not understand each other, the communication is worthless.
Establishing lines of understandable communication between you and your dog is how we build the relationship of a lifetime.
Having a conducive learning environment is essential to the success of the dog which is why they stay with us during their training. Every dog is unique which is why we customize a training plan for each individual dog. Training plans, family visits, home visits and transition support are what makes our programs successful. First we teach the dog, then we teach the humans. Finally we test the team with a home visit to make sure everyone is on the same page.
Five weeks may seem like a long time without your dog, but it is only a sliver in comparison to the life span of your dog.
We would be privileged to help you build the dog of your dreams to fit into your lifestyle and give your dog the skills to be at your side for a lifetime of adventure.


Functional Obedience

Skills for real life

Functional obedience is for working dogs to service dogs and everything in between. All dogs benefit from the skills we teach. Dogs were never meant to be left at home on the couch. Our five week functional obedience program gives dogs the skills they need to be a part of every day life. From back yard barbecues to dog friendly public venues, having the skills to cope with life in the real world is the ultimate goal of this program.

Started Gun Dog Training

Young Retrievers

This program is custom tailored with the hunter in mind. Exposure to birds, gunfire, water, and various hunting environments will make sure your hunting partner is ready to help you bring home the birds. From force fetch to marking and retrieving, we can cover all the bases for a successful entry level retriever.

Interested in earning titles with your retriever? We can help in that area as well. AKC or HRC, we can help your dog bring home the ribbons.



Exclusively for our training dogs

The perk of completing any of our training programs is, should you need care for your dog while you are away, we are happy to take care of them for you! It gives us an opportunity to see our friends and maybe do a tune up if needed while you are away. Boarding is only available to dogs who have gone through our programs. We are not accepting new boarding clients from the general public without going through one of our training programs.

Behavior Modification

When traditional methods are ineffective

For dogs who have not responded to traditional training methods, we are able to work with owners and their dogs to improve behavior within the home. With a comprehensive training plan specific to each dog and family, we are able to modify the dog's behavior as well as teach the humans what that particular dog needs in order to be successful.

We emphasize a team dynamic which includes leadership skills within the human.

Most often we find the humans need to change as much as the dog. If you have an open mind, contact us to see what kind of a training plan we can put together for you and your dog to help build you into a competent team ready to take on the world.


Storyteller Dogs

Helping dogs to find their perfect home

One cannot say they love dogs and not help a few unfortunate ones find their forever home. Sometimes a dog just need a soft place to land while they learn the skills they need to find that forever home. We pride ourselves in knowing we can be that soft place for a few special dogs. We are not a non profit nor are we not for profit organization, so the care for these dogs is provided by Herman's Hangout.
We also have a very limited number of purposeful breedings which we believe will only improve the Labrador Retriever breed. 
Take a look and see if we have the dog to fill that main role in your story.



1.5 Year Old Female Italian Mastiff.


Amara is an amazing girl. She is incredibly intelligent, loyal and gentle. She is a goof and loves to be silly with her people as well as her dog friends. Most of all she loves to be with her people. She is fantastic with other dogs and small children. She likes to be involved and keep things in order. I believe Amara is an excellent service dog candidate. With her size and willingness to please, she would make an incredible mobility dog.

Amara knows how to walk nicely on a leash and has even been to dog friendly public venues. She also knows Here, Sit, Place, Crate, and is capable off leash. She keeps a very tidy kennel and is quiet waiting for her turn to work.

Amara will definitely let you know she is bored as she requires plenty of mental stimulation. Her new home must allow her to be a part of the family. For more information, please email storytellerdogs@gmail.com.



2 Year Old Male German Shorthair Pointer


Jasper has a lot of go. We were hoping to hunt upland with him, but he much prefers hunting fur to feathers which leaves him without a job. He is an incredibly sweet boy who loves to be with people.

He is good with other dogs but likes to play rough, typical GSP style. He has an incredible foundation and knows here, heel, sit, place, and kennel. He keeps his living space tidy and is respectful of items that are not his.

I believe with the right family, he will gladly join in any adventure, including finding birds. Since we have a retriever program, poor Jasper is the odd man out.

If you are looking for a high drive, eager, and respectful dog, Jasper says he is your guy.

For more information on Jasper, please email storytellerdogs@gmail.com



6 Month Female Fox Red Labrador Retriever


Winnie is a talented little girl with incredible drive. She loves to play retrieving games and is a powerful swimmer. With a pedigree is stacked with successful field dogs, she has the breeding of a future champion. She comes with a 26 month (from birth) health guarantee from her breeder.  Sired by The Blasts Red Path "Journey".


Her dam is Hunters Little Ann "Ann".


Winnie has a fantastic foundation and knows here, heel, sit, place, and is crate trained. She is also collar conditioned to her commands and capable off leash. She has a natural mouth, eager to retrieve and deliver to hand. Winnie is getting ready to start force fetch. Winnie is available on limited registry.

Please email storytellerdogs@gmail.com for more information on WInnie.



11 Month Female Black Labrador Retriever


Tiki is a very loving girl with a desire to please that is only matched by her drive to get birds. She loves to be a part of anything and is happiest at her person's side. She is an enthusiastic swimmer with natural retrieving desire.

She has pedigree full of accomplished field dogs and has what it takes to be a driven hunting companion. Tiki has a polished obedience and is ready to take the next steps towards her hunting career. She knows here, heel, sit, place, and is crate trained. She is in the process of collar conditioning her commands.

She is great in the field and never goes far. Her nose is fantastic and her exuberance in finding birds is undeniable.

Tiki is available on full registration. For more information on Tiki, please email storytellerdogs@gmail.com.


Available Litters

Born August 22, 2019

HRCH UH PVS Roxstar MH15 QA2

"Jagger" x  HR Stormy'T's Sweet Lady Angeline SH


Now accepting deposits on this exciting all yellow litter. Pups will have dew claws removed, age appropriate vaccinations, and a 26 month guarantee on elbows and hips.
Limited Registration, $1500. Upon clearance of hips and elbows, full registration will be granted at no extra cost.


HRCH UH PVS Roxstar MH15 QA2



“Jagger” (like the rockstar) HRCH UH PVS RoxStar MH15 QA2      (2011 NAFC FC AFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade x 2015 NAFC FC AFC Hardscrabble Roxie McBunn) Only yellow male in the country out of 2 National Field Champions to have multi-venue hunt test titles and be QA2. Jagger is the consummate competitor. No conditions too tough. No water too big or rough. A joy to train, gives 110% all the time. Used to guide at one of Wisconsin’s premier hunt clubs. 100% house dog, great on/off switch. (has been known to hog the bed) Jagger really is the complete package. 2017  Earned HRCH MH QA2 titles in 15 weeks. 2018 UKC/HRC UH title. Passed UKC/HRC Spring International Grand. 5X5 UKC/HRC Finished passes. Jagger has never failed a UKC/HRC Finished test. Passed AKC Master Amateur Invitational. 8 AKC Master passes. MH15 title.

HR Stormy-T's Sweet Lady Angeline



Angie is an exquisite blend of drive, intelligence and biddability. Do not let her small stature fool you, she has the motor to go the distance with an insatiable desire to collect birds. She is the grand daughter of 2011 World Flushing Champion, Upland Maggie.

Angie has been described as having "a nose like a Hoover vacuum cleaner" which makes her a popular request as an upland guide dog. She is fierce in the field, but her offswitch makes her an incredible companion dog in the home.
Under a novice trainer/handler, Angie attained her Jr and Sr titles by 2 years old. With the help of a pro trainer, she has three passes towards her Master and will be completing that title after her pups. She has had a 100% pass rate in HRC and carries her Seasoned title. She is looking to carry her 100% pass rate through Finished.


Litter Pedigree

Jagger and Angie are EIC and CNM clear, excellent hips and normal elbows. They both are also dilute CLEAR.

Puppies Born August 22,2109

Third male and female picks are still available. We have two females and three males available, don't let these great pups get away!
Call Tammy at (920) 222-904 or storytellerdogs@gmail.com


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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